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Retinning and Copper Repair

Restoring fine cookware since 1916
260 Overbrook Avenue, Oakhurst, NJ 07755

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Martha Stewart Show, Feb 24, 11 am Channel 4, NBC Gallery

  Protect the investment you've made in your fine cookware by taking good care of it. Periodic retinning will make your copper pots and pans last for many generations!

Catering to Quality Chefs, Bakeries, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Packing Plants and Steamships as well as Homeowners
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OPPER pots and pans serious implements to any serious chef. Copper heats evenly, cools quickly, and will last forever. However, copper cookware must be lined with tin, and that wears out. In fact, along with resturant pieces, many of the items seviced by Atlantic Retinning and Metal Refinishing Inc. are family heirlooms with high sentimental value. Often they have been retinned many times.

copper cookwareJamie Gibbons (historian and restorer of antiques) rejuvinates copper pots and pans by applying hot tin to the interiors. The art of retinning has changed little since 1916 when the workshop at West 26th Street in New York City opened. The company has acquired a new location which is far more efficient located at 260 Overbrook Avenue in Oakhurst, New Jersey.